Life on the Road - Training Day Part 2

Life on the Road - Training Day Part 2


  • Robin Kennedy

    Robin Kennedy

    role: Sik Wit It
  • Aaron Owens

    Aaron Owens

    role: AO
  • Grayson Boucher

    Grayson Boucher

    role: The Professor
  • Jamal Nelson

    Jamal Nelson

    role: Springs
  • Patrick Robinson

    Patrick Robinson

    role: Pat The Roc
  • Randall White

    Randall White

    role: Narrator
  • Taurian Fontenette

    Taurian Fontenette

    role: Air Up There
  • Anthony Pimble

    Anthony Pimble

    role: Mr. Afrika
  • Ryan Williams

    Ryan Williams

    role: Special FX
  • Renaldo Johnson

    Renaldo Johnson

    role: Violator
  • Larry Williams

    Larry Williams

    role: Bone Collector